How to contact us for consultation

Migrant Worker Research Group

How to contact us for consultation

Q. Who is responsible for conducting consultations?
A. Attorneys who are members of the Migrant Worker Research Group are responsible for asking questions and giving counsel or legal advice.

Q. Can a consultation be conducted in a foreign language?
A. Consultations can be conducted in English, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese. In the case where a consultation is conducted in a foreign language an office worker will transfer the call to a translator who will then pass on the content to a legal expert. The interviewee will be contacted within a few days with legal advice. For contact purposes, be sure to give relevant contact information to the person in charge of the consultation such as full name, telephone No. and the preferred language for the consultation.

Q. How much does a consultation cost?
A. The first call is free of charge. In some cases, counseling fees and translation costs may be incurred.

Q. How confidential are interviews?
A. Naturally the content of all consultations is strictly confidential. Japanese attorneys are required to strictly maintain confidentiality so there is no possibility of information leaking.

Q. Is it possible to be legally represented by an attorney as a result of the consultation?
A. If there is the need for legal representation it is possible to be accepted as a client. If geographical position prevents the representation of a potential client, they can be, as far as circumstances allow, recommended to local attorneys or labor unions.

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